Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unless you like being the people with the guidebook...

We find it awkward to walk around obviously consulting a guidebook.  It's not that we worry about looking like tourists (we're white Americans in Japan...and John is huge...I think they know we're not locals), but it just feels weird.  We also don't like to spend our vacations staring at our phones (I have more than enough trouble managing to avoid getting run over by bikes as it is.)  Moreover, we don't like being lost and confused so we DO want to have important information, like train numbers, hotel names, and addresses, documented in a convenient place that we can consult quickly and discreetly.

The very low-tech, simple solution we came up with is a small notebook that easily fits in our pockets:

This particular notebook is a Bamboo Mini by Writersblok, but Moleskine makes a similar sized notebook - and so do many other companies, I'm sure. It's nothing fancy, but it works for us!

The hotel name is written in my lovely kanji and our confirmation from is hidden under the kawaii rabbit. ☺

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