Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kansai region, (pre) part 1

We're heading back to Tokyo tomorrow so I wanted to save a place for a summary of what we've done the past few days in Osaka and Kyoto.  John and I are both so completely exhausted by the time we are back in our hotel room with nothing else better to do than blog about it so you'll have to wait for more detailed accounts...(I'm not sure that sentence even made sense...)

  • Amy vs. Dehydration
  • Tokyo to Shin-Osaka via SHINKANSEN!
  • Checked in to the Station Hotel Shin-Osaka

  • Silver Pavilion
  • Philosopher's Path
  • Sakura!!!
  • Temple with the Twin Dragons...

Western Kyoto
  • Monkeys!
  • Bamboo!
  • Buddhas!
  • More Buddhas!!!
  • Even more Buddhas!!!!!

  •  Golden Pavilion
  • Big Japan
  • Shopping in Kyoto
  • Narrowly escaped disaster #1
  • Sakura: After Dark

  • Osaka to Nara
  • Oh deer...
  • Narrowly escaped disaster #2
  • Technology is rad
  • Amy and John make a very solid attempt to take Osaka... 
 ...the suspense is killing you, right???!!!  Probably not, but feel free to fake it for us - we don't think we're all that interesting we like inspiration (thanks, Mom!  We hope you noticed that we mentioned both the weather AND eating in our last post!).

Anyway, we are happy, we are tired, we have sore feet, we love Japan.

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