Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick update...

We added some more photos from our adventures in Tokyo - you can see them here!

We're currently staying near the Shin-Osaka JR station in Osaka - it's a nice hotel and a very quick and convenient Shinkansen ride to Kyoto!  We've spent the past 2 days seeing the sites in Kyoto - temples, shrines, and monkeys!!!  We're going to do some more of that today, starting with the Golden Pavilion, then maybe we'll check out Osaka.  Tomorrow, we're thinking we'll go to Nara, stopping at Fushimi along the way.  As always, we'll do our best to keep you posted...but we are having an awesome time and we are EXHAUSTED by the time we get back to our hotel at night so be patient with us!  

The weather has been perfect - about 55-65 during the day - and we're keeping ourselves fed and watered.  We'll be in Osaka till Sunday then heading back to Tokyo (change in plans!  More on that later...)

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